What is the minimum order?

The order minimum is $250. You can mix and match any designs available to meet this minimum.


Where can I find your marketing material & pictures? 

Product images, lifestyle shots, logos & additional marketing materials can be found at the following link:

YDL Product Images & Marketing Material


Where can I learn more about your products? 

You can visit the following link for an overview of key selling points as well as care instructions;

YDL Product Knowledge


What do I need to provide to set up an account? 

You will have been asked to provide a Reseller's certificate or VAT number. If you have this, sales tax will be omitted from your invoice. 


Does Yoga Design Lab ship internationally? 

 Yes, we ship to over 55+ countries globally.  Please contact your representative to receive a shipping quote. 


The item is sold out, when will it be back in stock? 

We try to make sure that all of our products are available, however, if the product or amount of units you wish to purchase is currently not in stock please reach out to your representative and we can provide the accurate restock date. 


Can I purchase your products with my own design or logo? 

Yes, purchasing a custom product is an option at Yoga Design Lab. Please see the link for collaborations and reach out to your representative.


How often do you launch new collections and how will I know?

Yoga Design Lab launches new collections 2-3x a year. You will receive emails announcing these new product launches. In the event you don’t think you are getting the emails, please reach out to your representative and we will confirm you are on our mailing list. 


Does yoga Design Lab offer a warranty?

Yoga Design Lab does not offer a warranty, however we are happy to refund any product in the event there are defects. Upon receiving, please e-mail your representative with any concerns. 

Are your products free of toxic chemicals?

All of our products are Prop 65 and REACH certified, meaning that the materials used in our manufacturing process pass rigorous testing limiting the use of many toxic chemicals. 

To learn more about REACH Certification, please visit here.

To learn more about Prop 65 certification, please visit here.


I forgot who my YDL representative is, who should I contact? 

Contact wholesale@yogadesignlab.com.