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Aegean Green
Boho Glow
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Mandala Teal
Mandala Burgundy
Mandala Charcoal
Mandala Rose
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Mandala Black
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Floral Batik Coral
Floral Batik Tonal
Mandala Black
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Aegean Green
Boho Glow
Butterfly Glow
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Experience the Fusion of Art and Functionality

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, our mats offer the perfect balance of grip, cushioning, and support. Our unique, eco-friendly yoga mats are made with sustainable materials and designed with both style and functionality in mind.

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Our collection includes sustainable and stylish yoga props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, towels, wheels, bags, and water bottles.
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Mandala Charcoal
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Mandala Charcoal
Tribeca Sand
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Floral Batik Tonal
Mandala Black
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Mandala Night
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Mandala Tonal
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Mandala Black
Mandala White



Best mat I've owned

"I've owned many yoga mats in my life, and this one is my favorite. I sweat a lot during yoga, and this mat is perfect for that. The top material is really soft and absorbs the sweat. It's super thick so feels great on joints. I am very happy with this purchase, and had debated it because of cost. I am happy I spent the money. :)"

Elle Hart

Best Ashtanga mat on the market.

"The travel mat is the perfect ashtanga mat.
I've tried travelling with thicker mats, which I don't think you need for ashtanga, and I have tried travel mats that feel very plastic and sticky and the sweat has nowhere to go.
This is the best of both softness and absorption, and being so light.

By far the best mat for a travelling Ashtanga practice!"



"Awesome for hot yoga. I'm a super sweaty person and other "no slip" mats haven't worked for me. This one is amazing. Super fun colors and excellent traction. No slipping or sliding whatsoever. Highly recommend!"


Amazing yoga mat

"I love this mat. It's perfect for hot yoga classes. It feels fantastic and easy to wipe and clean with a small towel after class. My only issue is with the thickness. However I place it on top of my 5mm lululmon mat. It is very soft and feels great instead of using an actual full length towel. I can't say enough about how great this mat is."

Jason Swartz

Best mat ever!

"I love this mat! It offers a lot of support and the microfiber top feels almost luxurious. I was nervous that I might slip around since I don’t do hot yoga but I haven’t had any issues and I use it daily. I highly recommend. Totally worth the money!"



"First off it arrived very quickly so I’ll be able to use it for a heated class this week which is great! I don’t even have prime. Secondly it is way prettier up close; the pictures don’t do it justice. I am excited to use it for heated yoga classes! Thank you and God bless!"


Do Yourself a Favor and Buy the Mat

"I love this mat/towel combo. My yoga practice consists of hot power yoga daily. If you sweat you'll stick to the mat, if you do not sweat you need a spray bottle. The dampness creates the non-slip you are looking for. I use this on top of my regular mat and it creates a really thick place for me to practice comfortably."

Audrey Whitworth

Love this mat!

"It's wonderful, you don't need a towel. You don't slip on it like some of the combo mats. It's very 'grippy'. I love it."


My favorite Mat

"Been using it for 6 months now and it's still sturdy and vivid. I've hosed it off twice. It def works for a sweaty gal like me. I only take hot yoga and I sweat more than anyone in the class. Like, people actually look at me with concern. But this mat doesn't slip and it smells decent. I also use mat spray after every practice and I try to let it air out (unfolded) at home."

Kel Ross

Awesome for hot yoga

"I get compliments literally every time I go to yoga when I bring this. It is super soft and perfect for hot yoga/Pilates. I don’t know how much you would enjoy the texture if you just did low intensity/ slow flow but if you need a little extra friction for hot yoga this is the best"


Great mat for any workout

"I love this mat for a sweaty workout. It’s got plenty of cushion for high impact. The fabric allows for a no-slip grip without the sticky feeling of a normal yoga mat. They recommend getting the mat damp before use, and I agree with that instruction. It’s also machine washable, but I do run it through an extra spin cycle so the rubber dries better."


 I love my new Yoga Mat

"I love my new Yoga Mat. As someone who has very sensitive joints, it's important for me to have a thick and sturdy mat to avoid pain in certain postures, and Yoga Design Lab product fits me perfectly. Mat's texture is pleasant to touch, and it is also grippy. Must have if you practice hot yoga, as it already has absorbent surface, so you don't have to carry a towel with you. Very happy with my purchase."


great mat for hot yoga

"This is a well designed mat. I have to use a yoga towel on my mats all the time because I slip a lot. I started using this mat and now I can flow very easily without fear of slipping. The traction gets better as the mat gets wet so it’s really good for hot yoga."


Best I've ever used!

"Best yoga mat I've ever used! Gorgeous pattern! I love the smooth top, it is great for relaxing flows. When you want more grip and aren't sweating just give it a little spritz of water or yoga mat spray and it gets more traction. I use this mat on my carpet and it creates a much more firm surface to practice on. Couldn't recommend it enough!"

Nessa Black

I love your mats

"I love your mats! I have purchased 3 thus far. After I received mine, I loved it so much I bought one for each of my good friends for their birthdays. When I get a good thing, I need to share it with those I care about. 5 Stars :)"


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